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7 Principles to live a Champion Life


Principle I: Learn the True Meaning of Freedom
Principle II: Know Who You Are
Principle III: Understand Feelings versus Emotions
Principle IV: Answer Life-Changing Questions
Principle V: Insure Your Dream
Principle VI: Make a Decision not an Excuse
Principle VII: Success is in Your Seed

A champion is defined as a winner, victor, defender, advocate andprotector. These powerful words fully describe the kind of speaker,
mentor, and coach that John Di Lemme is to thousands worldwide. In this book, John has unselfishly shared the strategies and secrets to truly living a champion life. His ability to divulge this wisdom came from years of building his own life and career on a strong foundation of integrity and his commitment to changing lives around the globe. As an Olympian, I fully understand the hard work and determination it takes to achieve your goals in life, and I admire John Di Lemme’s no holds barred approach to fulfill his ultimate destiny. I have absolutely no doubt that this book will radically improve your level of success and change your life forever.

Nikki Stone, Olympic Gold Medalist & Best Selling
Author of “When Turtles Fly”

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    AI based tools, and rich data. 

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    Point of View, not Pitches.

    Based on the book Play Bigger, we use the Category Point of View strategy to communicate your offering.


    Intelligent Targeting.

    We study your Ideal Customer Profile and Persona definition to ensure you have productive conversations.