We are experienced in providing various types of leads, such as digital and telemarketing leads.

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About askOsca


We have 2 sites in Cape Town, South Africa, for business continuity. Each site has a capacity of 100 seats, with uninterrupted power supply, a network in the cloud and onsite, a telephony provider who is based in North America for reliability and an omni-channel CRM software solution to track customer and lead journeys effectively.

At the Call Centres, we specialize in providing customers with reliable and high-quality lead generation services. We take pride in our ability to generate the leads that help businesses throughout the world to grow and excel.

We are experienced in providing various types of leads, such as email leads, telemarketing leads, SMS leads, direct mail leads, and web-based leads. Companies that work with us have been able to benefit from our wide range of lead generation services, providing them access to well-qualified prospects for their services and products.

We understand how important it is for our clients to ensure that the leads we are generating are the best quality. Therefore, we take extra care to ensure that each of the leads we provide is verified and qualified before it is passed on.

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    Lead Generation Process


    Our process is simple: we first analyze the customer’s exact needs and requirements, then employ our unique range of lead generation methods to capture and qualify the best leads for their business. These methods include engaging in consultative selling and comprehensive target customer research.

    Once the leads are collected, they are carefully screened and reviewed to guarantee accuracy and validity before being passed to the customer. Our team is highly experienced and can customize our services to meet any company’s specific needs.

    Finally, our services are backed by robust customer support. Our team is available 24/7 to answer any questions and provide guidance through the entire lead generation process.

    With our comprehensive suite of lead generation services, your business can have access to the leads it needs to stay ahead of the competition. Get in touch today and let us help your business succeed!

    ICP Personas (persona-based leads) are leads generated based on a person’s specific needs, interests, and behaviors. This type of lead generation involves using segmentation to create detailed profiles of potential customers. Personas define the parameters of leads that a company should target, allowing for more efficient and effective lead capture strategies. Personas do not just take into account demographics and lifestyle, they also look at the challenges, motivations, behaviors, and solutions sought by an individual customer. Companies use ICP Persona leads to understand their target customers’ motivations, needs, and desires so they can develop marketing campaigns and products that meet those criteria.

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      Types of leads


      MI (Marketing Initiated): A lead that is proactively generated by marketing through various channels such as online advertising, direct mail, email campaigns, etc.

      MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead): A lead that is deemed to possess the potential to become a qualified sales lead after being evaluated by the marketing team.

      SQL (Sales Qualified Lead): A lead that has been identified by the sales team as having a higher likelihood of becoming a customer after being further assessed.

      HQL (High-Quality Lead): A lead that possesses a higher quality score and has the potential to become a customer in the near future.

      BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeframe): A framework used in lead generation and qualification to assess whether the customer meets the criteria of being a potential customer or not. It consists of four elements: Budget (ability to pay), Authority (decision-maker), Need (required product/service) and Timeframe (ability to act quickly).

        High performance dialers, AI based tools, and rich intent data. 

        We ensure the most effective, intelligent services in the pipeline generation market.

        Point of View, not Pitches.

        We use the spin sales and marketing methodology to communicate your offering.

        Intelligent Targeting.

        We study your Ideal Customer Profile and Persona definition to ensure you have productive conversations.