Go From Lead to
Deal, Faster

When you provide sales with data that doesn’t bounce, there’s always deals coming through the pipeline.



Build curated lists of prospects for your niche.


Sync leads to your CRM and increase efficiency.

Email Verification

Real time verification to ensure your leads are effective.

Data Enrichment

Build prospecting lists free of  poor converting leads.

Get the most important info

Grab your contact’s email and phone number. Know what technology they use, and use that as a starting point in your conversation.

While other companies don’t hand this key information over to you, we provide you the cleanest list possible with specific insights as a priority.

Find customers who are looking to buy your solution. Identify and engage buyers prior to them implementing alternative solutions.

Find perfect leads

Let us know about what market you would like to tap into and allow us to find companies that match your buyer profile.

Get key data

Know what technology your lead uses and be one step ahead of the competition. Pro-active actions lead to high conversions. 

Data Verification

Our system verifies our own data in real time, before it lands in your CRM. We ensure the best quality prospects.

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Preferred lead generation tool for companies worldwide.

Our Valued Clients

We don’t just sign new customers — we aim to keep them for the long term. Building trust from day one is essential.

Prospect with the highest accuracy for B2B contacts. If we don’t find the right email for your leads, we don’t charge you.

Sales-oriented companies grow
with our data

Focus on your ideal buyer using location, industry and many other filters. Give your sales and marketing teams the right data to boost sales.

Lead Generation

You’re wasting valuable resources trying to sell in the dark. Get qualified leads.

Data Analysis

We maximize the understanding of audiences and pipeline channels.

Lead Nurturing

We perfected the process of generating personalized and relevant content. 


Our service enables our customers to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Here’s what our clients have to say.

Clint is an inspirational man. Firstly, the work his company does to help lead generation is excellent in terms of timeliness, quality and hitting the spec and I’d recommend anyone to work with Clint and his company. Clint also plays an important role in his local community, training and equipping people to move to the next level in their working lives and that giving-back is truly inspiring.

Geoff Inns — SWZD

It has been a pleasure to have partnered with Clint for the last couple of years. He is extremely charismatic, kind, and easy to work with. He was always available when needed, and someone I could trust to get the job done. I truly value Clint’s transparency and get-it-done attitude.

Alyssa Driver – Vice President of Operations at Anteriad

“Leads from askOsca were over 300% more likely to convert than the leads from our old contact form.”

Yin Shaw – CEO of Timtura.inc

High performance dialers, AI based tools, and rich intent data. 

We ensure the most effective, intelligent services in the pipeline generation market.

Point of View, not Pitches.

We use the spin sales and marketing methodology to communicate your offering.

Intelligent Targeting.

We study your Ideal Customer Profile and Persona definition to ensure you have productive conversations.